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The consolation is love, if you can hold on to it. I believe there is no age limit to love, sex and desire, even if we hide it after a certain age. Get the kind that plugs into the wall and makes a noise like a snowblower. But achieving those things is often impossible, because when the unholy trinity of a work deadline, the school play and having sex are all vying for my attention, then sex will always be — has to be — the thing that falls to the bottom of the list. Because the sexual response mechanism in your brain is made of two parts:

It's powerful and if you're looking for a sure way to get off, it's likely your best bet.

Women and desire: the six ages of sex

The satisfying, unifying rewards of making love — increased intimacy, better sleep, less stress — become a treat to be traded rather than a part of our daily routine. And I believe women also have a responsibility to show their partner how much pleasure they take in being with them, and to help create a kind of erotic complicity that is both tender and gentle. We should talk about it more. Jessica McDonnell, a year-old marketing executive from Huddersfield also used to work as a hotel chambermaid for four years where she too saw some interesting sights. I entered a milieu where sex was appreciated, sought after and openly and proudly discussed in great detail. However, they exhibit the same opposition toward policies proven to reduce abortion. I made fun of post-religious wedding rituals, but felt the warmth of participation.

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