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The line within the song, "My swag is serious, something heavy like a first day period," in which Jackson compares her dominant presence to the initial side effects of a woman's menstrual cycledrew media attention. The Remixes Janet Remixed. Jackson hasn't lost a step — even at Janet uses metaphors and questions the listener over the song's electro instrumentation. US Pop Songs Billboard [88].

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Canada Hot Canadian Digital Singles [33].

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If (Janet Jackson song)

Romania Romanian Top [80]. Jackson jumps to another setting, shown in slow motion as the audio is filtered, landing on a white liquid surface with a crimson atmosphere. Men want to do morally questionable things to her From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The video's attire is all black, with the concept of "an overheated sexual fantasy," in specific a male dancer being "grabbed, pawed and shoved around" by Jackson as she "drops down, reaches through his legs and grabs his crotch," before she changes positions, "seizes his head and pulls it down to her own crotch. Though it'd no doubt be considered tame by today's standards, Janet's exposed stomach and bra made for the hottest performance of the year.

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