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Though many fans know the voice of the misfit Griffin as actress Mila Kunis, she wasn't actually the first to play Meg. Retrieved from " https: Meg was actually born with a rare birth disorder that has her heart actually located in the same area as her brain. Meg might be the most unpopular kid in high school her own brother isn't even her friendbut that doesn't mean she hasn't had her fair share of suitors over the years. They share fame and success until their fighting involving Stewie thinking Olivia was the one that was flat breaks up the act; Olivia goes on to greater fame and finally she gets to go to Hollywood kissing Stewie goodbye before she leavesbut Stewie, because of Olivia's quitting, starts to lose fame and drops back, which causes him to lose touch with reality.

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In Something, Something, Something Dark SideMeg shows up briefly as the slug monster, complains about her bit part, and is then told to shut up by Han Solo.

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Family Guy

Oct 02, - Author: Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes TV. Brian and Lois attend a poorly acted one-man show. In It's a TrapMeg is given probably her biggest part of all as the Sarlacc monster that eats Boba Fett, who is played by the giant chicken. Jeff and Meg become fast friends, and her parents are shocked when they see him at the house, nude as he was before. Though Meg first started out in the show as a relatively normal angsty teenager who's occasionally embarrassed by her family, she's become the black sheep who never can seem to catch a break. Admittedly, there isn't a whole lot of talent in the Griffin household.

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