Donating sperm in the uk

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Though as my receptionist helpfully offered: Read more about IVF. You won't have the legal and medical protection that a licensed clinic offers, and you can't be sure the donor sperm has been tested and checked for safety. It's taken me 30 years, but I'm proud to say I'm ginger. Have had a detailed sperm analysis. Some non-identifying information will be available to the hopeful parents at the time of donation and your identifying information will be available to any children conceived with your donation when they turn

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The donor is then given fertility drugs to administer at home; these stimulate the ovaries into producing a number of eggs.

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Donating your sperm

However there are strict conditions that need to be met. This will be examined in the laboratory. Complete highly detailed sperm donor profiles. What are the next steps? You are not anonymous One of the reasons why the UK sperm bank supply is currently rather low is due to a change in the law.

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donating sperm in the uk
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donating sperm in the uk
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