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So Gaeta moves up the chain and tells Adama what he knows. The rebooted premise was fairly simple: What, like God wanted our baby to live? Pretty much everyone lives there now, leaving the Galactica and the Pegasus staffed by skeleton crews. A crying Baltar shares a significant glance with Caprica Six and promptly surrenders.

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The episode begins with him lying on the floor of the flight deck, shivering and pantsless?

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Roslin prepares for her first Presidential debate against Baltar. Nobody from it has gone on to do that much else… As a fan of the show, it seemed clear that everyone in it was going to go on to big-screen greatness. We also catch up with Chief Tyrol and Cally, the latter of whom has been cleared for work after Tyrol accidentally? Martin was a fan. Tigh laughedTigh leaves to go be with Ellen.

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