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Regulus knew he was dead either way, so he sacrificed himself to zombies rather than have the death eaters hunt him down. Enjoy the Smog there in Mexico city. Mr Majestyk- by LairyFights. Probably not, except for the basilisk incident. Maybe when buying a wand, it will only choose a wizard who doesn't already have one to begin with though the rules are different when you win a wand in combat. So in the hands of a Muggle a broom is useless, otherwise they'd be illegal. This isn't a simple "flawed" moment-it's torture.

I think that the author made a poor choice of words in referring to the fights as "duels.

Harry says that LOVELY BONES is a lovely brutal film!

Me playing Harry Potter is weird because I like smoke pot and Harry Potter has like the word pot in his last name! And hey, Draco's named after dragons, which in the Potterverse tend not to be very benevolent either. He could have done it over the Christmas break in his 6th year. It's okay, they'll screw up the first one, and then get the sequel right by using that Haley Lynn Fisher kid with a Brit accent, like it should have been done in the first place. Were they ever confirmed as back in Great Britain or still in Australia, or were they simply never mentioned again? Way too much shit thrown at the screen and he could have used some economy of storytelling. Stabbing him through the head?

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  1. Those morbidly obese rocks are harder to get out from under i guess....