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Faucets and fixtures Have you ever noticed faucets and fixtures seem to accrue a surprising amount of gunk? People trying to talk to you when you're showering who can hear anything amidst all the water-patter-pattering? None of Your Frizzness? It's like your toes are bathing in hairy water and it's not all your hair. Shampoos with lame names suck, too. Or, cockroaches and other bugs crawling up from the drains when you're not showering. Take Herbal Essences new line, for example:

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When bathroom ventilation systems blow the dirty and gross shower curtain towards you so you only have a sliver of space to stand with the wall on the once side, and the shower curtain on the other side.

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2.75 Inch Waterproof Kitchen Bathroom Bath Shower Mirror Clock Suction Suck H7m7

It's funny how a space we use strictly for cleaning can get so downright nasty. Viewer discrection is advised. Dirt from your feet staining the tub, when you're showering. You try to stand on this tiny bit of rubber so you don't slip, fall over and die and then your naked dead bloated ass is found by someone. As far as bathroom cleaning goes, the toilet is kind of tops — because it is used the most, it can quickly accrue unsightly spots and stains not to mention germs. As for the actual cleaning, clean and sanitize at the same time using a mixture you can make at home.

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