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Are you publicly flogged in the town centre for being slutty or frumpy? The teacher was insistent about bringing up this topic at least once a month. Just like anything else, the subjugation and the subordination of women is driven, primarily, by irrational religious belief thus making it a topic of concern for atheists. Your butt is still covered with clothing, nobody can see it — who cares? Fortunately for me, my Christian mother gave me the right message while teaching me to be modest. Not only did my mother go shopping with me to approve my clothing until I got married, I was required to get approval for each outfit before I left the house. So the only thing a young female can wear is an insulated space suit?

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GTFO, you slut-shaming, insecure, jealous piece of garbage.

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The Ugly Side of Modesty

If only one child needs to go on a bathroom break, then you take another couple anyways, or you get another available teacher to go with you. The atheist community actaully deeply cares about the issue of modesty. Issablle Tortic 1 year ago Ummm Sex is a good thing. Together we started making awesome content every week. This article really has a lot of practical suggestions for how girls can dress modestly and yet trendy in the fashion that many girls find appealing.

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  1. no, no you can't. It's only the ACT of incest itself which is illegal in SOME states. it's perfectly legal to role play incest and record it.