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The world began to fade from Krystal's mind, the hard plastic floor was like the softest bed, the chilling water was instead a summer rain, and the droning faucets were the ocean in her ears. Krystal began to go limp and totally submissive, the magnificent pleasures coursing through both their bodies was overwhelming the innocent vixen. When he reached her thighs he cleaned them a little quicker and allowed for the soap to rinse off his hands. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. With a sly smile, the vixen once again descended down upon his member.

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Before long the vulpine began to go numb to everything except pleasure, his body became like a machine working tirelessly and perfectly as he approached his simultaneous climax with his woman.

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Her body trembled when his hands grazed her breasts but kept gliding around her belly. It was like what her mound was to him and the more she licked and sucked on it the more he enjoyed. Fox had made noises that were funny and noises that were strange but until that moment he'd never made one as funny and as strange. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She panted heavily, wishing it would never end.

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