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African American women do have the butt shapes in this post, you just want to think you are unique and special and honey I just want you to know that I am as white as a sheet with a nice big round butt that plenty of African American women have hated me over! Check out this article on how to get a bigger butt for some more pointers as well. Thanks for the feedback Stephanie, I certainly appreciate it! You sound like you are pretty fit so it is unlikely to be due to fat, but be aware that some people do tend to store fat in odd places on their body, even if they have an overall low body fat percentage! One important factor with working out to build muscle is to allow for enough rest breaks for your body to actually rebuild. Can i send you pic of my butt in your private email and you tell me what shape it is?

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They are low-calorie but still dense, providing you nutrition, few calories, energy, and leaving you fuller longer.

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How to Lose Butt Fat: 10 Effective Exercises

Knowing where you stand right now, and comparing this to where you want to be, is critical when it comes to setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them. Reply Hi Chidmma, There are a few things you can try — dressing down your assets is the easiest one for example, wearing looser or longer tops that can help hide your butt, or loose A-line skirts which flare out to hide your booty. This round and bubbly butt could almost be an O-shape, but I think the waist tapers into the butt more like an A-shape, giving that classic heart shape: I like to eat butt. I think I am a square shape butt.

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my ass is fat
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my ass is fat
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