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Her first story was that she didn't know anything about Travis Alexander's death at all -- how horrifying! Irish News Winter freeze: Technically breaking the rules of Travis's strict Mormon religion, the two continued an off-and-on relationship between the sheets -- that is, until one day in when Travis was found dead in his bathtub with a gunshot wound in his head, multiple stab wounds, and his throat slit. On the day she was arrested and charged with Travis's murder, she was caught on tape in the interviewing room preening herself and saying, "You should have at least done your makeup, Jodi. Style Newsletter Stay on top of the latest fashion, beauty and celeb gossip in our Style newsletter. Jodi changed her story multiple times, first saying that she didn't know anything about Travis's death, then saying that she was a victim along with him when masked men attacked Travis and killed him. Kate Middleton returns from maternity leave with new haircut The Duchess of Cambridge has returned to her

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Jodi Arias testified she ran into this closet, in Travis Alexander's bedroom, when he was chasing her.

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Jodi Arias Crime Scene Photos (GRAPHIC)

It's really a terrible thing for a boyfriend to call his girlfriend or even an ex-girlfriend crazy because it discounts and invalidates anything she ever could have done for good reason and writes it up as crazy. In these photoswhich were taken by forensic scientists on the autopsy table both before and after the body was cleaned, you can see not only some of Travis's most fatal wounds but perhaps one of his most gruesome: Meghan, Kate, George and Charlotte make their way to Daidone recounted one evening in particular when Travis came over and someone came in through the front door of her room, triggering the alarm before vanishing. Her ex-boyfriend, Abe Abdelhadi, who had also, at one time, worked with Travis Alexander, didn't have many good things to say about Jodi.

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jodi bikini pictures
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jodi bikini pictures
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