Itchy and burning anus

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Arlington, VA Phone: Prognosis The outlook is excellent, since most people who have itching in the anal area don't have an illness involving the anus or rectum. If treatment for worms is recommended, other family members with the same symptom should also be treated. This will help to see if the itching is due to local skin problems, or a more general problem with the whole body. Gastrointestinal conditions Gastrointestinal conditions affect your digestive tract your mouth, throat, stomach, intestines and anus. Scratching an itchy bottom can make the problem worse. The skin must be allowed to heal to reduce the irritation that causes the scratching.

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Important An itchy bottom that's worse at night is often caused by threadwormsespecially in children.

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Anal itching: Causes, treatments, and home remedies

Primary idiopathic pruritis ani —This condition has no identifiable underlying cause. Anal itch also can be triggered by over-the-counter medications suppositories, creams, ointments intended to treat anal problems. Genital warts are soft growths that occur on the genitals. Your GP may then refer you to a dermatologist a specialist in treating skin conditions or a colorectal surgeon who specialises in conditions that affect the large intestine and anus. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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itchy and burning anus
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itchy and burning anus
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