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George, however, defends himself by saying if she's told him repeatedly, he's obviously not a very good listener George can also tend to forget Angie's birthday or their anniversary, such as in "George of the Ring", where Angie points out that he actually forgot three days ago. Benny likes the way Marisol treats people "She's like you, mom, but with estrogen. After taking Carmen out to a club, she is kicked out and ends up with Benny. She's also been described as a bad cook by mainly Benny and sometimes George. The book is about Lopez and his daughter. Amy Sandra Bullock is a recurring character who is nicknamed Accident Amy, because she is accident-prone. According to Mario Lopez, Fergie was his first kiss and the two were involved briefly while they were both on the show Kids Incorporated.

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Throughout grade school, he and Ernie had the reputation of being outcasts or "unpopular".

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Mario Lopez

George finds out he has a half-brother, also named George, and hears that Manny and his son are poor but he later finds out that Manny owns Lopez Construction and is wealthy. However, it has been revealed that Benny secretly does love her son; some reasons relating to her secrecy and deprivation of multiple privileges toward George were out of protection and worry for him. Ernie is somewhat envious of George because although they grew up together, George's life led to a beautiful wife with two children and him being manager, while Ernie gained no such thing and has been on the manufacturing floor for almost 30 years. Miranda Cosgrove Bikini Pictures. She has a daughter, Kimmy, who is also accident-prone. Angie could not choose between the first three names while George wanted their son named after someone famous.

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