Shaved head samurai

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A leather cap worn underneath the helmet provided much-needed padding. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On the other hand, the top knot is a type of undercut hairstyle which requires you to maintain long hair on top with shaved or faded sides. An abbreviated version, the futatsu-ori "two folds"was only folded forward before being tied, and was trimmed with a razor to give the front an almost solid appearance. Beards were also said to have made wearing helmet cords more comfortable.

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Why Did the Samurai Wear Their Hair In a “Chonmage”?

There is reference to the use of topknots in ancient China, and it might have been one of the many cultural imports introduced to Japan between the Asuka - Nara and Heian periods. This is why the samurai class participated in a number of cultural and artistic endeavors. The young warriors studied Kendo "the Way of the Sword"the moral code of the samurai, and Zen Buddhism. History knows four Western men who have been granted the dignity of the samurai: The habit of combining the topknot with a partially shaved head may have developed out of necessity:

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shaved head samurai
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shaved head samurai
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