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After all the empath and him had been dating for almost a year now, and he loved her more than life itself, and he was sure she felt the same way for him. Feeling Beast boy's warm spunk fill her up, sent Raven off the edge a second time as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, revelling in the feeling of her orgasm, and the hot sticky jet that was shooting up inside of her snatch. Beast Boy pulled a condom from the box, tearing open the package, and said. He rubbed the soap and lathered up her breasts causing Raven's moans to become even louder. Beast boy then grabbed at her shoulders as he tackled her and pinned her down to the bed this time. Beast Boy grinned, knowing he pushed the right buttons, she was ready.

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She ran it all over the insides of his cheeks, as well as the roof of his mouth.

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Raven's legs that were wrapped around Beast boy's waste became even tighter around him and she began bucking herself up against his thrusting. Please tell me, do you like me? First page has no lemons, following pages all contain lemons. Beast boy could feel Raven's breathe on his neck and it spread Goosebumps throughout his entire body. She brought her head down, parted her blue stained lips, and enveloped Beast Boy's long pale green shat in her mouth. Once he was in his room, he. Once beast boy rinsed her hair, he grabbed a bar of soap and began to wash all over her body, he started off with her neck and back, moving the bar of soap in small sensual circles which caused raven to moan and coo, yes coo like a baby sucking happily on a pacifier.

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  1. The thickness is real with this one. She would probably make minute man out of me. More of her please and thank you!