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Superman's peers aren't really Spider-Man or Wolverine, but Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan and James Bond — pop culture mainstays who stay current through consistent reinvention but are classically themselves all the same. A real-life hero who survived insurmountable odds and devastating adversity to create a new life with his family in a new world, Vladek Spiegelman's life bursts out of the pages of his son's seminal series to heartbreaking effect. Originally, Wolverine was conceived as a mutated wolverine rather than a mutant human. Almost everything else, like his desire to find God and punish him, is driven by dismay at the state of the modern world. Connoisseurs reckon he was at his best partnered with left-wing liberal superhero Green Arrow in a socially-conscious s run by Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams collected as 'Hard Travelling Heroes'. This universe's 'sorcerer supreme' was originally an arrogant, money-grubbing surgeon who lost the use of his hands in a drunken car wreck and sought a miracle cure in the Tibetan lamasery of 'the Ancient One'.

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But when writers like Peter David — the definitive Hulk scribe, as far as we're concerned — get hold of him, Hulk and Banner become a psychologically complex, nuanced being with an incredibly complicated history involving Banner's battle for control, which has led to Hulks green and grey.

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9 Comic-Based Sexual Situations Too Bizarre or Risque for Marvel to Put Onscreen

For a man of God, Jesse Custer has something of the devil in him — he's a drinkin', smokin', cussin' ex-preacher with a taste for pleasures of the flesh. The name's Constantine, but the comic's called Hellblazer. Superman has taken a beating from time to time: He resembles The Comedian from Watchmen, longing to return to a life of violence and superhero crimefighting. Unlike other Marvel characters, who seem to age at a rate of one year for every five years of comics at leastThe Punisher ages — at least in the MAX line — in real time. Mioki's Side by Side: In Superman 40, John Romita Jr.

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