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Topics Albert Einstein From the Guardian archive. And if his theory was correct these should appear to be slightly out of place from their actual positions as measured in the night sky because the light they emitted was bent as it went past the sun. One of those ah-ha moments hit me. By now Einstein was 42 years old, a household name, and yet his theory of relativity published eight years previously had yet be confirmed to the satisfaction of the scientific community. Please let me know if you would like to see them…….

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Campbell was a pioneer of astronomical spectroscopy and catalogued the radial velocities of stars.

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William Wallace Campbell

He was not only an astronomer at Cambridge University, he was also a conscientious objector and saw in Einstein a fellow scientist opposed to the war. In the wake of the eclipse fiasco and while locked down in Germany by the war Einstein begins going over his initial calculations and finds he has made some fundamental errors. It is as if the universe is a magnificent cosmic orchestra of stringed instruments playing the symphonic music that makes up the stars, the planets and life itself. In late August a group of astronomers, naval men, and Aboriginal stockmen began the arduous task of unloading their complicated scientific equipment and stores from boats onto a deserted beach on the coast of Western Australia. Please let me know if you would like to see them……. Whilst at university he developed his interest in astronomy when he read Simon Newcomb 's Popular Astronomy. As a result of discussions with other scientists Einstein started to write a new article on special relativity in but realised his original concept was limited as it only dealt with objects moving in one direction and at one speed.

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lick observatory einstein
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lick observatory einstein
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