Cases involving egg and sperm donations

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Representativeness of the inactive donor sample While the active donors were highly responsive to our questionnaire, inactive donors registered a response rate of 46 per cent. Anonymity It is important to be aware that at the time of donation, the donation is anonymous, i. We also discuss the ramifications for the industry. Welcome to the Wild West: Yet, even assuming a lower-bound estimate of an approximate 7 per cent refusal rate, the potential economic implications of a change in identification laws remains considerable. See generally Andrew Gelman et al. For this reason it is possible that our results represent a transitional effect, such that new populations of sperm donors might be more willing to participate in an identification-required regime and demand less payment closer to that in Cohen and Coan.

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In Canada, litigation to prohibit sperm donor anonymity initially succeeded, only to be reversed at a higher court level.

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The Case for Ending the Anonymity of Egg and Sperm Donations in the United States

Some opponents of anonymous sperm donation have urged that it be ended in order to fulfill a donor-conceived child's right to know his or her medical history. There is a push by many for the USA to adopt a similar system to enable donor-conceived children to have access to information on their donors. In terms of the information requested and available, the HFEA distinguishes between identifying and non-identifying information it makes available to donor offspring at different ages:. Timing, Uncertainty, and Donor Anonymity90 B. Ideally, one would want to estimate the two steps simultaneously, propagating the error from the first to second stage. Not only would such a registry make it easier for people to find biological kin, it could also provide other advantages: Read more in Diane Tober, Romancing the Sperm:

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cases involving egg and sperm donations
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cases involving egg and sperm donations
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