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As with drag in the cross-dressing sense, however, such criticisms overlook the pleasures that these sort of performative guises offer participants. When she returned, the cop dealing with her situation had figured out that the emails were sent from her computer. These themes are explored in greater depth in a case study comparing cheerleading and roller derby, and in a case study investigating the popular media response to cheerleading in India and China. I've been to Cheerleaders a couple times in the last year and I have to say it's always fun! It's subverted, however, that the cheerleader is clearly in love with him as well, but he's a little too geeky to actually realize this.

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Cheerleading as it exists in the early 21st century is extraordinarily different to the activity which first emerged in the elite domain of US collegiate football fields in the late s.

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An examination of the content and themes of cheerleading-related pornography offers a number of explanations for the popularity of such material. Cheerleaders are not athletes as long as they wear short skirts outside in the winter — hardly appropriate athletic attire cited in Moritzp. I acknowledge also that working across an archive and looking for commonalities involves making generalisations with regard to textual content and context. Alexander Mackay is intrigued by Julie Sims when he sees her in full cheerleader mode, waving pompoms and throwing jumps. The second group of cheerleaders at the Beijing games were modelled on professional American cheerleaders. Petula's endless number of admirers as revealed in ghostgirl:

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