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We used simple logistic regression to obtain adjusted estimates of the prevalence odds ratios for having an STI at wave 3. Published May 9, Updated May 9, With regard to sexual behavior, adolescents develop elaborate sets of ideas concerning sexuality and their sexual roles well before they actually engage in sexual activity Another girl was 13 years old when she sent an intimate photo of herself to one accused. Among students who had initiated more than 1 type of intercourse, frequencies were calculated to examine the relative age of initiation for each type of sex ie, whether a specific type of sex was initiated at a younger age, the same age, or an older age relative to the other type of intercourse. A concern with longitudinal studies such as Add Health is that some of the highest-risk adolescents may have been lost to follow-up. Theories of adolescent risk-taking behavior.

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Our response rate is similar, however, to other school-based studies, which have used active parental consent.

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Police: 3 teens sexually assault 15-year-old girl, put video, images on Snapchat

Alternatively, if the benefits of delaying intercourse do not last into adulthood, different strategies addressing the health education and service needs of young adults should be emphasized. We have closed comments on this story for legal reasons or for abuse. Although a young age at first sexual intercourse was consistently associated with higher STI levels compared with later initiation of intercourse, the difference was substantially smaller among older respondents, suggesting that the association between age at first intercourse and STI dissipates with time figure 2. The second account was removed around April 17, Richard Udry, Peter S. Border Patrol Officer Rogelio Martinez, but little evidence suggests he was killed by rock-wielding attackers.

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