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Seeing that she had now help, Joey gave the boy a smile, before answering his reply. Clapping her hands, little Asuka, found herself drawn into the performance the two idols just put on, captivated, as if a spell was put on her, admiring the presence she felt from the two, while on stage, displaying so much confidence, and strength. They are worn with short orange and white socks and a pair of sheer white stockings with writing on top. Jewelry a simple chain necklace with two stars and a surfboard in the center. Week 2 of Training Practice! Make-up, was just a light touch, as her nail now had a summer theme to them as well, but with the main color being red.

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The flames start to give her dress a golden fiery shine, as soon as Ra flies to the top of the stage it release its fire outward making it look like a sun, after a few seconds the sun burst open four dragons rush out and move throughout the sky making the sky shine like a beautiful sunny day before coming together and bursting into gold tiny diamonds.

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Japanese Idol Jh35 Costume Random Color Bikini Card Mana 20/30

Glad to be out on such a day, feeling the nice breeze of the wind. Yugi, Joey, Ryo and Malik! The bottom portion of the outfit is white denim with black string, a red and white belt, and had a red ocean ankle charm bracelet on her right leg, with a red and white striped bracelet on her left arm. Before the shell is a big yellow, violet, and pink-peach structure with various sea decor, including shells, starfish, and even a boat wheel on the side. Kirasa sighed at her behavior, before turning her head back towards the two out on stage, smiling to herself.

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idol yello bikini
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idol yello bikini
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