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Robert Neller said, "There's been nobody charged so far. But Germano told Playboy she was trying to protect them from a destructive binge-drinking culture that she sees as intimately tied to the Marine Corps relatively high rate of sexual assault. Robert Neller said Friday. So, six of us crammed into that two-seater to go home with this… god, I don't know how old she was. After retiring from the Marines, he continued to voice similar concerns as a fellow at the Hoover Institute. It was the Marines that braved waves of Chinese troops during the frigid winter at Chosin Reservoir in Korea. By that time, Mattis had significantly softened his rhetoric.

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It was kinda like a game show.

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Military Women

For many Marines, getting blackout drunk is very much a sacred tradition. Four of us rode in the trunk. It was the Marines that went ashore during the Barbary Wars. Diaz recalled one night when he and several fellow Marines went out to get tattoos. Neller did not dismiss reports that other sites have been used to share the photos, saying, "My sense is, there's probably others out there. It was the Marines that raised the American flag over Iwo Jima. A willingness to take risks is highly prized.

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