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They we find the actual procedure an emotionally intense rite of passage, binding us to generations of other women. In this article several of the most common complications are discussed and helpful suggestions for management during pregnancy and delivery are explored. These can be a small as a pea or as large as a football. What is wrong with you that you so flippantly brush off the views of men circumcised without consent as minors? But scarring from the genital cutting, even when completely healed, can increase the risk of complications for childbirth. On a visit to Djibouti Horn of Africa inI came upon a report on female genital mutilation prepared by a French doctor attached to the Foreign Legion.

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The staff strongly recommends antenatal defibulation or elective reversal either before pregnancy, at 20 weeks gestation or if seen later in pregnancy than at 38 weeks.

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If FGM does not affect the sexuality of woman, as the Miss Ahmadu trumpeting, then why is it being practiced. FGM is indeed mutilation of the female body. I probably don't need to tell you that this is a very sensitive topic, and all the more so when it's about one's own body. Health Care Women Int ; Because of the severity of her symptoms, the woman underwent defibulation at 28 weeks' gestation and subsequently had a normal vaginal delivery. At least one third of these women are likely to pass the infection on to their baby. As a man, I find your comments about male circumcision to be extremely offensive.

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anal sex after female genital mutilation
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anal sex after female genital mutilation
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