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Spider-man didn't know what possessed him to do it, but after his heart felt caring speech he cupped her cheek and wiped away a piece of dirt just under Ava's eye, gently caressing her cheek. I'm the girl of a thousand ears" Ava smiled, turning his own words against him. She and the rest of her team received training from Captain Americawhom easily overpowered the five. As she heard a sound, White Tiger made it known that she was hearing a familiar sound. White Tiger first met Nova either after Nova joined S. They are able to retrieve the Norn Stone, and with Loki released from the Armor they transform him into a childlike form and return themselves back to normal. Her father passed the White Tiger Amulet down to her and instructed that it not fall into Kraven's hands, in fear that the tyrant would become even more powerful.

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Despite Spider-Man's aid, she was less than willing to allow him to aid her and told him to leave her to face her own enemy.

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White Tiger

Later, White Tiger takes the Hulk who is trapped in Spider-Man's body to the roof of the school and puts him in the Spider-Man costume and tells him to find his original body. As Spider-Man sneezed, White Tiger hoped that she would not catch his cold. As she walked away from him, White Tiger told him that he couldn't control the suit, even calling his own worst enemy in that suit. Along Came A Spider "And what have we learned? After a tunnel ride, she emerged in costume and announced her presence before stopping to notice Spider-Man and Nova bickering before walking off.

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white tiger marvel hot
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white tiger marvel hot
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