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This is not a legal transcript for purposes of litigation. Sean — come on, guys. People say California is the leading state on these type of issues. That's the big question. How does the California legislature - - how are you going to enforce this? But there are some who would love to have it up to 18 years of age. You know, a strong-willed child — a strong-willed child, more than anyone else, needs to learn to use emotion and discussion to resolve issues.

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You've watched a parent tap a kid on the back side.

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Stephen Colbert's Scorching Takedown Of Sean Hannity's Adrian Peterson Defense

I don't have that problem. You had a good father. It doesn't lead to anything in the child, other than anger, a sense of frustration and humiliation. What are we going to have, people like in contentious divorces suddenly claiming that one or the other of them should go to jail because once he or she spanked the child Maldonado, is this possible that literally we're going to put parents in jail for a year if they have a different philosophy than the government out there?

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