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There is no better way to put it. Instead of jail he was sentenced to three months of alcohol education classes and ordered to attend 10 AA classes in addition to a three-year probation. Jennette McCurdy is one of the most recognizable Nickelodeon stars of this time. Sporting a teeny-weeny bikini, Jamie Lynn was photographed leaving little to the imagination. He initially said it was self-defense because he was being attacked, so the cops let him off the hook.

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Britney famously married two deadbeats within a few years of each other one annulment, one divorce and had two little boys with baby-daddy Kevin Federline.

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After all, there is room for everyone in Hollywood, or so they say. So what went wrong? He starred as Logan in Zoey from In the aftermath of having her kids, things took a turn for the ugly. Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande and Keke Palmer are just a handful of the tween queens who have blossomed into successful starlets. In a fairly unsurprising turn of events, Rottman was arrested for driving under the influence in the summer of Fame and scandal often go hand in hand, and these stars were not exempt from getting caught red-handed in compromising situations.

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