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Grey hairs are mingling, more and more, with my dirty blonde ones. Pulling away, she knelt before me and yanked my pants and briefs down to my knees. Tumblr theme by Theme Anorak. Turning to face me, she lowered the zipper of her jacket to her naval. I held her close then moved my head down to softly bite her neck. Leaning down, I kissed and sucked her nipples as I squeezed those delectable pillows of flesh.

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She opened my lips with her tongue and the kiss became a blaze of passion.

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Nude riding a motorcycle

She slowly shook her curly red mane from side to side. It felt like a flood had burst over a dam. Moving with careful deliberation. Between that, and the shiny leather jacket and biker boots, my own jeans were getting tighter by the minute. I was just about to turn back toward the highway when we came upon a little parking area beside a small but beautiful lake. She was, positively, dripping as she wiggled her hips and presented her gorgeous derriere for my pleasure. This was a submission.

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