Diagram facial muscle

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Please review our privacy policy. The majority of the facial muscles contribute to exhibiting expressions. The maxillary artery branches from the common carotid and supplies the maxilla region of the face. The venous supply to the face is conducted via several veins. This can result in a failure to remove debris, and ulceration of the corneal surface.

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Facial muscles

When they contract, the skin moves. The orbicularis encircles the mouth, closes and puckers the lips and is sometimes called the kissing muscle. The auriculars function in moving the ears anteriorly and posteriorly from the face. Orbicularis oris Risorius Buccinator. The inferior muscle fibres of the buccinator arise from the anterior portion of the deep tendon of the temporalis. July 28, Revisions:

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diagram facial muscle
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diagram facial muscle
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