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Naruto would have waited several minutes to let her get used to the massive intruder, but Sakura was having none of that. You've done so much for me over the years, supported me, protected me, kept that selfish promise I forced you to make all those years ago and after all the things you've done for me I never really did anything for you in return. How can I not be ready for another go? Despite how the villages came together so well during the war old grudges die hard. All in all, her new appearance made Naruto's pants feel really, really small. Sakura meanwhile was extremely happy.

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What his eyes were drawn to however, was the massive tubular bulge running up Sakura's belly.

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Now at Seventeen years of age Naruto was doing his best to realize Jiraiya's dream of peace for the Elemental Countries and he was doing a damn good job of it too. Before I left I didn't know having one this big wasn't normal. He looked down in wonderment as he saw his cock gone, all fifteen plus inches crammed into his long time love interest. She posed for a little bit, shoulders thrown back and hands toying with her tits, while Naruto admired her form. Slowly she started to work more of Naruto's cock into her mouth, taking in a half an inch at a time before backing off, then bobbing forward, taking in the full inch.

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sakra naruto fucked hard
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