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McDaniel was the woman whom Hogan picked up, and we can see why. But the damage had been done to his reputation. Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks: The two have been hanging out regularly since Hogan and McDaniel hooked up. For a woman who just passed 40 not too long ago, McDaniel is so impressive with regard to her figure. The photographer literally draws attention to McDaniel's lady-party region. The victory for him has to be how much McDaniel and his daughter, Brooke, seem to get along.

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But her face, most likely undone a bit by sun damage, has aged her a bit despite her having an incredible figure.

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In fact, New Jack posted this pic himself on social media for that sole purpose — to piss Hulk off — after the Hulkster made those controversial racist remarks. One might think that's terrible on the surface until you hear that Clem and her shock-jock husband, Bubba Clem, had an open marriage, and it was Bubba's idea that Hogan get down with his wife. He saw stardom, and Hogan was more than willing to accept it. And hey, like we said, she may be going commando here! As a leaked sex tape will tell you, their interlude was secretly taped by Bubba Clem, and thus, a lawsuit unfolded. The two have been hanging out regularly since Hogan and McDaniel hooked up. Hogan wouldn't be thrilled with photographers racing at his most recent main squeeze and hawking her rear end in hopes of capturing some sort of inappropriate photo.

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