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Of course, it's also common courtesy to avoid mentioning that to your current partner. Then again, maybe the two of you are not a good fit. Your followups have basically been defending him and your relationship from us, the people you asked the opinion of. Did he break up with her and immediately start up with you? He's with you now. But you really need to stop asking him about his ex. I just can't see this being a healthy relationship.

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This is, to my mind, totally unreasonable and unrealistic.

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I apologized to him and tried to convince him that I meant no harm by snooping which in retrospect seems a little insincere, but it's more about my own insecurities than hurting him or lashing out at him. I agree with others that you should talk to a therapist about why you felt the need to get into all this. Amateur threesome - hidden cam double penetration. In our heart to heart last night he helped me understand where he was coming from and reassured me that this really was just a horny whim. Pepper into the glass 9 Drink the beverage 10 Love how awesome the drink is 11 Dump your boyfriend Now, 11 is the only necessary step. But hey, they're still nice people who I enjoy having in my life. This horny babe gave her partner an awesome massive deep throat

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