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He is a legendary BMX rider and he makes appearances throughout the series. Sadly everybody knows about Ryan Dunn. It's time to play a game with a bunch of these medicine balls, and they're heavy as shit! He has a daughter named Ruby, and three sons named Roan, Clyde and Van. My brain is fucked up from using so much cocaine, ketamine, PCP, nitrous oxide, and all sorts of other drugs. This dude's the producer but he also appears in some of the bits. Retrieved April 13,

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Failing-actor-turned-writer Johnny Knoxville thought of the idea of testing different self-defense devices on himself as the basis for an article.

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Jackass Cast Members from Most Epic to Least Epic

After the TV series' finale, the franchise transitioned from television to feature films owing to the latter format's looser restrictions on acceptable content. I know, and you had the cutest butt ever and now you ruined it! Sincehe has been arrested for obscenity, assault, multiple drug possessions, disorderly conduct, deadly misconduct, and most recently trespassing during a SeaWorld protest. But he stills joins in on the fun. Tremaine saw the tapes and drafted Margera and his crew into what would become the cast of Jackass.

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