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For the Canadian politician, see David J. This finding has implications for defining mathematical disability as well as for research into factors that are responsible for low mathematical ability. Although one can never completely control for the multiple influences on performance of a mathematical test, it is nevertheless possible to choose tests that emphasize one component of mathematics more than another. Boys as a group may exhibit a disadvantage in mathematics, but the factors that make one boy different from another are the same as those that make one girl different from another girl. The Gunns and Trathens could never have their sex selection treatment in this country. Genes on the autosomal chromosomes affecting boys and girls differently, for example, because the genes interact with sex hormones. Ron Reimer Janet Reimer [1].

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The Boy Who Lived as a Girl".

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David Reimer

Women express feelings they might not share with their partners, families or, in some cases, with their better selves. Which was just as well: The HFEA is not standing on very firm ground — it does not claim an overriding moral objection, but bases its decision on the fact that most people don't really like the idea of sex selection. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at J Learn Disabil. This measure of twin similarity is called a group twin correlation or transformed co-twin mean in DF extremes analysis, because it focuses on the mean quantitative trait score of co-twins rather than on individual differences. The interval between test and retest was 1 to 3 months, with an average of 2. Research is not available to suggest hypotheses in relation to sex differences in genetic and environmental etiologies in mathematics, or whether a different picture of sex differences emerges for math disabilities and abilities and for different aspects of mathematics.

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