Low sperm counts after vas reversal

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Hello, My husband had bi-lateral VE in September of Is there any way to improve this? I am 34 and know that time is running out for me. We had our first semen analysis a few weeks ago. This is done by reattaching the vas deferens to your penis so that you can ejaculate sperm again. Dear Julie, I am sorry having kids has been so difficult.

When the surgeon did it, he was impressed as he pgysicalls saw the sperm immediately flow.

A fifteen-year study of alterations in semen quality occurring after vasectomy reversal.

Dear Casey, Semen analyses can vary widely after vasectomy reversal due to oxidants, antibodies and overall health. How long should it take to conceive? Hi, My partner had reversal in dec We wanted it then and thought we would go the low cost route but you definitely get what you pay for and we wished after we would have waited. I am 30, husband is

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