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Which one is right for you? You really need to be aware you are wearing a gun! This allows the owner to be able to carry whichever firearm he chooses without having to buy a specific holster. Portfolio holster is discreet. The Mirage was similar in appearance to the belt slides, but was worn between the belt and the pants.

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As the name implies, inside-the-waistband IWB holsters fit between your pants and body, sometimes in front of your hip bone, sometimes on it, and sometimes behind.

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Belt Slide Holsters — A Viable Choice For Concealed Carry?

Some styles even feature belt loops. When the handgun must be reholstered, it is a two-hand chore, using the index finger to open the holster while attempting to guide the muzzle in, which is awkward at best and dangerous at worst. This is slow and fumble prone. A set of usually leather straps crosses over your shoulders and back, allowing a gun holster and spare magazine carriers to hang on opposite sides of your body. Ankle holsters like this Galco Ankle Glove tend to work much better when one is wearing long pants

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conceal carry bikini holster
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conceal carry bikini holster
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